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And so it begins…

You found me! Or I found you… either way, we are together now in the land of blogs.
I am the last person on earth you would think would blog… I prefer to stay underground if you know what I mean… you know, places where “they” can’t find me. But alas, here I am! I know, I know, how did you make it all this time without me??? Isn’t that what every blogger says when they finally publish their blog? Like, this blog is going to be life changing?? Um, most likely not BUT it sure will keep my friends entertained (I hope. Unless they were totally lying and trying to make me look like a huge fool–which by the way, is really not that hard).
I’m a little sarcastic (ok, a lot), sometimes surly and I easily get lost in my thoughts.
The title says it all… I think, I observe, I write. Follow me, won’t you?


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  1. ILoveChocolate

    SURLY! Oh this will be FUN to follow!!


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