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Holla if ya hear me, fellow office drones!

Since we’re getting to know each other, I should let you in on a little secret. By day, I’m an office drone, er, I mean, office WORKER. This means my actual job title is irrelevant. It may actually mean that my name is irrelevant there too, but the jury is still out on that. I make my home from 8am-4pm in a small, blandly decorated land (oh, the joyful colors of white and grey!) surrounded by other drones who haven’t quite figured out that they are drones. I’m different because I’ve had the epiphany that I am a person stuck in a drone’s body during business hours. Oh, the inner turmoil! Yes, inner turmoil, indeed, but they pay me, so I keep on showing up. As a bonus, they’ve chosen to supply me with an endless array of material, including, (but not limited to):
*People who love to use heaters in 100 degree weather
*People who think club clothes are the new work clothes
*Married people who have office affairs and think that no one notices
*Coffee Wars
*60-something year olds who believe they have found the fountain of youth by shopping in the juniors department (in case you’re wondering, NO, this is not the way to the fountain of youth)
*People who believe the whole world actually DOES revolve around them
*People so unbelievably dumb, you wonder how they have managed to survive this long
It’s fun, seriously.


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  1. ILoveChocolate

    LOL!! LOVE this! LOL


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