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A Tip Jar Isn’t For Everyone!

Just so we’re clear, a TIP is granted for a service, yes? Ok, and SERVICE usually means that something was actually performed and required movement and thought… like say, bringing me delicious food or mixing my coffee for me. A service is not simply taking my money.  (On a side note, why don’t we tip the chefs too? I mean, they’re the ones back there actually doing the cooking!) Ok, fine, now that I’m thinking about it, there’s probably A LOT of people who we should tip but don’t, but that’s off topic (for now).  We’re talking people who DON’T deserve tips, and today my focus is on one particular set of people who are so undeserving of a tip that they should be exiled to somewhere really bad (insert least favorite country/place here). They are the teenage girls who take my money at the beach.

To clarify, I live in a state that demands money in exchange for beach, and this fun, fun feature requires people guarding the beach entrance with intensity that can rival the Border Patrol.  These employees—yes, this isn’t a volunteer job—are usually giggle happy female teenagers who sit under a shady little perch all day and take people’s money (in this case $8), make change (with a calculator, naturally) and slap hideous bracelets on your arm to prove you’ve successfully crossed the asphalt/sand border.  As you can tell, it’s pretty demanding.

So, yesterday, as I was waiting to have my passport stamped, uh, I mean, go to the beach, I noticed a (rather large) “tip jar” perched directly in front of the girls.  WHAT?! As if that wasn’t enough, the tip jar had a hand written sign on it which read:


                                BECAUSE COME LABOR DAY WE’RE OUT OF A JOB.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Somehow, I should tip THEM for sitting there and giving me change (with a calculator) because somehow it’s my problem that they took a job that only lasts 3 months?? Are they for real???

Sadly, there WERE tips in the jar… presumably left by people less cynical than me. Damn them.


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  1. ILoveChocolate

    WOW! This is a Fantastic Post! I Agree with you 100%! DAMN! Good for you!

  2. LOL! ! ! I am printing these out and reading them everyday!


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