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Instead of Gitmo, Try an Office FULL of Women…

You already know that my day job is being a drone. What you didn’t know is that I am a drone in an office made up of entirely women. (Well, ok, fine, there’s  2 men but they stay locked in their office 99% of the time, so they don’t really count).

It’s a fate almost worse than death.

(and yes, yes, I too am a woman, but I am not one of them! I’m a spy in their world, a collector of information.)

Picture it:

They whine. They complain. They have minute to minute mood swings. They talk about their husbands. They talk about how much money their kid makes. They talk about their demands.  They talk behind your back. They get mad at you for no reason. They talk about diets and obsess over food (oh, so much more about THAT topic to come). They’re hot. They’re cold. They’re hot again.

Multiple women, multiple ages, multiple personalities all let loose in the same area for hours on end. How can this NOT drive a person to insanity?? (Or to spew the secrets of their leaders just to secure freedom, glorious freedom! Hell, I’d make something up about KSM if it’d get me out of here!! Yes, yes, I  know KSM is already caught, but you get the idea…)

It’s exhausting, really. No wonder men never listen to anything women say. I can’t blame ya, fellas!

Yes, in case you didn’t already know, women are an insufferably unsatisfied species.

Godspeed, men. Godspeed.


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  1. ChocolateLover

    I am a woman, yet I found this to be so true! LOL Love your blog – it’s highly entertaining!


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