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Why Fridays are the BEST!

The highlight of being an office drone is, of course, the weekend.  If you are an office drone, your entire work life revolves around the day you can say (yes, it’s corny) “Thank God it’s Friday!” Office workers live for this little (corny) sentence. From Monday morning, you simply start counting down the hours until you can enjoy blissful freedom for 2 and half days. Yes, two and a half days because Friday night totally counts and it is the absolute best of all the weekend days. You can shrug off responsibilities (the laundry can wait until tomorrow!), you eat out and drink wine, and stay up late if you please.  There is no office waiting for you on Saturday morning. Ah yes, sometimes the joy of being off on the weekend makes up for the monotony of everyday office life. (Ok, fine, it really doesn’t, but I need something!! I’m grasping at straws here, ok? Leave me to my small moment of happiness!)

 When Friday rolls around, all the ills of the week are forgotten (until Monday), and they are replaced by the joyful feeling that you have 2 whole days of freedom ahead. It’s a bit like being granted a weekend leave from jail (if they really did that). Ok, fine, it’s more like being out on probation… you can do what you want for a few days, but eventually you’ve got to check back in. The thought of checking back in, however, does not even cross your mind on a Friday afternoon.  All you know is you have 6 more hours, 4 more hours, 1 more hour, 20 more minutes…. until freedom opens its glorious doors to you.


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  1. ChocolateLover

    LOL – you must think alot! 🙂

  2. I do think a lot… hence, the subtitle of this blog.


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