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The Geek Squad is not my friend.

First, they promised me the Garden of Eden (OK, just fixing my computer, but c’mon, people! Use your imagination!)

Then, they held my little computer hostage for a whole bunch of days that blended together but just weren’t the same without my computer.

Then, because they have no soul, they filled me with false hope and told me that my computer was back at the store. What a delight! It’s like Christmas in July, I thought. Um, no. Only if Christmas in July comes with an EVIL Santa instead of the nice, chubby one that comes in December. Yes, they had my computer at the store, only they couldn’t fix it. What!? I repeat, What?!! Didn’t you just have my computer for a whole week?? You couldn’t have found some time to tell me in the past few days? Instead you wait to bring me here to the store to tell me you couldn’t fix it?? Oh, you evil, evil people.!I bet you get joy off of watching the horror on my face.

Oh, but friends, that was not all. Not only did they not fix my little computer, but instead, they decided that they should just completely destroy it. Oh yes, you read that correctly. Not only was it not fixed, but it looked like it had taken a detour through Afghanistan on the way back to the store. I’m sorry, but, isn’t the Geek Squad supposed to FIX things? At what point did that change? Did I miss a memo or something?

To redeem themselves, Best Buy has graciously promised me a new laptop (damn straight they better!), however, it is taking FOREVER and a day for them to process it. They love to call me up and tell me it’s ready to go, have me drive to the store and then tell me “Oops! It’s actually not ready yet. It should be done by tomorrow.” So far this has happened about 3 times. Sadistic bastards, I tell you! My pain brings them joy. Yes, the Geek Squad is freaky, but what did you expect???

Alas, friends, hopefully by tomorrow I should be back up and running in full glory!! I will keep you updated!


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  1. ChocolateLover

    I am so sorry you went through this but you really have a great sense of humor about it.
    You DESERVE a Brand new Computer from them after going through all this!


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