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Adult Responsibilities Rob Life of its Flavor.

When you’re a kid, all you can do is think about growing up. When you’re an adult, all you can do is thinking about going back. This is why the quote “the youth is wasted on the young” is among one of my favorites (I like quotes a lot, don’t I?)

 When I think about being an adult now, I often think, is our life really under our control? I don’t know. I hear a lot of people (adults) talking about stuff they “have to do.” I don’t know about you, but the only time I want to hear the worlds “I have to…” is when they are followed by “I have to do this before I die.”  This, however, is not how most adults think. It’s more like “I have to do laundry” (well, clean clothes are nice, though, I will admit), or “I have to drive my kid to soccer,” or “I have to go food shopping.” UGH. Since when did this become the life we aspire to have?  Work at a job so I can just use that money to pay bills?? What!? Who invented THIS??? And how did they sell it to that many people!?!?

Do we really want to say “I have to make the bed” everyday of our lives? (Ok, ok, this does only take a second and it does make everything all pretty, so I’ll give you that one, but don’t push it!)

 We also often say, “Oh, I can’t do/get/buy that because I have to pay the bills.” Yup, that one’s my total favorite. I love giving my money to others.

You get the point.

 Sure, maybe this isn’t true for everyone, but if you are an average Jane (or Joe) working for a living at an “ok” job, you identify. Don’t lie. Think about those people you sit next to for 8 hours a day… for what?? You call this a paycheck! Psf! Yeah, now think about how that money gets spent…

Ok, now think about where you’d like to spend the money…

There we go! I bet you’re on my team now!

Best Ways to Spend a Paycheck if You Were Suddenly No Longer an Adult, Contributing Member of “Society”

*Cheeseburger tour of the USA

*Weekend trips to different islands

*Purchasing a Jet Ski AND a snowmobile

*Purchasing a boat!

*Sailing to a warm, cozy island on said boat when the weather gets a wee bit chilly

*Buying all the rum on said island and writing about all the fun things you see after you’ve drank it all

*Buying a convertible

*Driving said convertible on long road trips across the country

*Turning your spare bedroom into your own personal library (ok, the smartass ones are saying “you wouldn’t have a bedroom if you threw responsibilities to the wind…blah, blah” yes, ignore those people… they clearly don’t know how to use their imagination!!! But perhaps they could buy one if they were unencumbered by their responsibilities!)

*Renting the “Real World” Suite at the Palms hotel

*Wine tasting in France

*Wine tasting in Italy

*A week spent debating which of the above was better, and then doing again “Just to be sure”

*Two words: Pirate Ship.

Yeah, you get the point.


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  1. ChocolateLover

    LOL!!! “Two words Pirate Ship” LOL!!! Too funny!


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