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Rainy days are better.

Sunny days are easy to love. They cast the earth in a warm, golden glow and make everything feel upbeat and happy. The sun smiles over everything, and people feel the need to go out and be cheerful.  These days are seemingly perfect, but really, they’re superficial.  They are one-dimensional, they have really nothing to offer but the sun. It shines and it’s pretty, but so? Everyone loves shiny, pretty things; it’s easy.

 Loving the rain requires much more character. It’s gloomy, it’s dark, and it’s mystifying . It forces you to go inside and spend time with yourself. The rain is deep, mysterious. It wants you to be silent and introspective, not like the sun that begs you to go out, party and have a good time.  The rain wants you to slow down and know yourself. To love the rain, you’ve got to be sure of yourself, and not be afraid to spend time with your own brain (ok, this can be totally creepy, especially if you’re me, I’ll admit it).

 The personalities of the types of days are different, too. Think of it this way:  the sun is like a really pretty girl (it sounded better than man, ok? But, fine, use either sex) with no substance to fall back on when you get tired of just looking (or doing other things!) at (with) her. It’s so bewitching, you kind of forget that you need anything else, and you get lost in the blinding rays. Eventually, though, you just get tired of the pretty; it’s too hot, it’s blinding, it’s endless. It has nothing more to offer you, and you find yourself searching for shade.

 The rainy day, however, is like the deep, dark woman who you just can’t figure out.  Like a rainy day, she’s changeable; she could be soft in the morning and stormy by night. She keeps you guessing, forces you to go out of your comfort zone.  At times, you’re glad to have the sun back, but eventually, you find yourself wishing for the rain.  The rain has character, it has layers. It starts and stops. It comes with thunder, lighting, wind. It can be forceful or soft. It is not one-dimensional. People think they hate it, but I think that’s because they haven’t got to know it. You’ve got to take a minute to take it all in; the tiny drops collecting on your skin, your face; the thunder, shaking your very being.  Just think of it this way, when it comes down to memories, do you remember the countless sunny days you lived through, or the one storm that knocked down trees, soaked your clothes and left you sitting in darkness because it hit the power lines, too? Yeah, I thought so.


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  1. Excellent blog! I have ALWAYS Thanked Mother Nature for Sunny Days & Rainy Days but I have always found the rainy days just so much more comforting!! Well written! It’s no wonder I follow your blog!


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