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“Busy” is not a word I like. At least not today.

No, no, it’s really not… however, it is (sadly) a word that is frequently in my vocabulary these days. I do not like being a busy person, rushing from here to there. I like to stop and smell the roses (and touch them and photograph them) as I go from here to there.  I don’t like having piles of things (read: work) surrounding me, seeking to take up my time. I want my time to be my time, not their time (whoever they might be).  I like the word “languid” much better.  I would like to be a person of leisure, if the world allowed it.  I like to sit and think; to contemplate. It’s exercise for my brain.  I also like to wonder… that is a favorite pastime of mine. I wonder about life, and all its unexplained idiosyncrasies, and sometimes I wonder about pointless things, like why the 1800’s is the 19th century (thank you, thank you, to the brilliant person that actually answered that for me, but damn, you took away my wonderment! It’s ok, I’ve got more… as you know).   Did I mention I’d like to do all this thinking in a hammock? I mean, where else would a person of leisure “work?”

P.S. If you would like to hire me for anything… totally ignore this post. I LOVE being busy. Hell, I live for it.


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  1. LOL! Nice!


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