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Just a taste.

I’m closing the book on this summer for good, and as I browsed through my pictures, I remembered what a feast it was.

I traveled, I ate. What can I say? The best way to get to know a place is to taste it’s food. And now, for you, I present the highlights….

Slow Cooked and Sloppy in San Antonio... (sigh) I miss you.

Yes, I will marry you, Fresh Fish Sandwich from Maine

Oh, the gluttony that is Chicago Deep Dish...


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  1. LOL! Now I’m hungry!

  2. Thanks Lisa, for your wonderful comments on my blog. It means a lot, and especially in a world where you hardly meet people who think on similar lines.. 🙂
    I hope to enjoy your blog too and wonder what’s in store for winter travel for you.. ?! And this pizza, well, I guess I have to wait until family pizza night on Friday 😉
    Also, miss Windy city.. Now this is the part where I start talking too much.. Good night! Full stop

  3. Well, by my name, can you tell which picture is my fav?!?!???!


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