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Everything Changes, like it or not.

This is the truth. It is possibly one of the only real truths out there. As humans, we love this proclamation, yet we shiver and cower in the corner whenever it gets too close.  We love it, yet we hate it, like most things worthy of a second thought in this life. We lament that we hate the “status quo,” yet when it changes (inevitably), we get nostalgic for the “way things were.”  The only constant in life is change, as paradoxical as that may seem.

The state of life is in a constant state of shift, or “flow,” as a Buddhist would say. Our natural instinct is to flow, but the modern world keeps us chained, makes us think we should stay. Our natural instinct is to buck the routine and immerse ourselves in the flow, the change.  Yet we fight it, go against the flow, and try to stay constant in a flowing world.

No matter what, the real question always lingers, do we change or does the world change?
Is it that our eyes become different on a same world?  Do we change more or does the world as a whole change more?

How do we define change? Can we? The easy definition is “when something shifts or is different,” but what’s beyond the accepted definition? Is change superficial? Deep down, do we stay the same people at the core? Do our eyes keep the truth while our bodies, our hair, out thoughts shape shift and morph?

At times, I feel sad about change, but I try to accept it, and ride the flow. I can do this because I’ve accepted the impermanence of life, and I know that the “change” will eventually change, too. We may stand still, but the flow continues around us, like it or not.


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  1. You said it girl – Like it or not! 😀
    I’m EXCITED!

  2. Brilliant thoughts! Very thought provoking.. Lisa, have you read the book, “Who moved my cheese”.. Do you know how many times I refer that to myself or friends and family who are going through “changes” and are trying their best to adapt to it..?! A gazillion times.. You are afraid of change until you ‘change’ and then you wonder why you did not make that shift much before.. ? It is a great message, and just an hour’s worth of read (tiny book)
    Change can be defined in my life, as a death of a loved one, loss of a job, birth of my babies, buying a home etc etc.. Good or bad.. as you say, Change is the only constant..
    Well put..


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