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Obligatory Thanksgiving Post.

I’m sure you will be seeing lots of mushy, heart melting posts on Thanksgiving out there in the next few days. Not here! Instead, I’m keepin’ it real.

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve got lots of stuff I’m thankful for in this world, including, but not limited to, the gift of writing, my two, (count ‘em—two!) loyal readers on my blog, the ability to read, a place to plop my head at night that is not a hard, cold floor, a steady paycheck, lots of vacation days, the means to travel whenever, wherever,  food on demand, my laptop, DVR, an endless supply of books, knowing that there are people who would die out there to protect my freedom, and having a really cute dog.  I’m also grateful for lessons learned (easy or hard), interesting friends, and love (easy or hard). Yes, it’s a weird list, but it’s also an honest list, so what’s wrong with that?

Let’s face it though, being thankful for stuff should not compel us to have to face the annoyances of holiday travel (TSA grope, anyone?) to  arrive at someone’s house that we don’t enjoy, eating a gluttonous amount of food that we really don’t like anyway, all the while pretending to be even remotely interested in the dulling conversation floating around the room to the backdrop of football blaring from the TV.  We shouldn’t feel obliged to do anything, because feeling obliged does not equal being thankful. I’d be more thankful if my “family” accepted the fact that maybe I really just felt like hanging out in sweatpants reading a book all day and eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted with those people that I truly enjoy the company of.  I’m all for tradition, but I prefer it to be my tradition.

Cynical? Perhaps… but you know you’re all thinking it!

I am thankful you took a moment to enjoy my sarcasm… HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!

Have fun and be safe 🙂


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  1. I am Very Thankful for your gift of writing (and humor) and your blog!
    I really do enjoy reading your work!

  2. Ha ha, I was this way until the two kids came along.. Maybe I have changed, and now belong to the “adult” category.. 😉 And me, a faithful reader, you bet!
    Your post is not cynical, it is rebelious.. He he.. I am pulling your leg real hard, have a relaxed and restful Thanksgiving, your style!!
    Good night Lisa,


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