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Today–Christmas Spirit. Tomorrow–maybe not. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Christmas time seems to always be a time of stress and craziness. Is this how it is meant to be? If only we had known when we were 7 just how lucky we were. The only thing we had to do was make sure our list to Santa was written out neatly so that he would be able to read it. Oh, the good old days. What if we just regressed instead of stressed at Christmas time? Well, who says we still can’t write letters to Santa when we are 27, 37 or even 77? Can’t we consider it just a blind wish to the universe? Something we can just write out and than have blind faith in, just like when we were kids? Think about it—when you wrote a list to Santa, it was a risk—just throwing a wish to the wind about what you wanted. Then you spent your time being good in hopes of getting it. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a good plan, than I don’t know what does. Perhaps if we wrote an adult list to Santa, it might make Christmas easier, more fun and certainly more relaxed. We don’t need to ask for material things, because as adults we should already realize that is never what actually matters.   Maybe we can write a list to Santa and ask him to tell us what actually matters. It’s possible that he would tell us to just relax, act like a kid, and perhaps, enjoy a second childhood, even if it only comes in fleeting moments.

Nostalgic Christmas


Nostalgic Christmas

Eight years old

with butterfly stomach and

nose red from the cold

Staring out into starry skies

for a sign of reindeer

listening for sleigh bells

the only noise a child wants to hear

Grandmother in kitchen

with embracing comfort smells

enchanting us all with the stories she tells

Evergreen stands majestic

Present protector

Childhood protector

Dream protector

Picture window adorned with Santa and his reindeer

leaves enough room for a peek of

One, two, three

snowflakes that appear

before wide child eyes

that lead to the cries of

It’s Magic!!!

Christmas music is all that we hear

telling Santa stories to eager child ear

Warm cookies, of course, for

Jolly Old Saint Nick

Snow colored milk to wash it all down

Fuel for a long night

All over town—

Time for bed now


Or Santa won’t appear

for you know of course

that awake little children

scare off his reindeer!

Tucked under blankets

So warm, so safe

As images dance

Of presents in place

Stare at the stocking

that hangs on the door

waiting for the moment that

it’s empty no more

Awake, asleep

Awake, asleep

Than asleep for good

Only to awake with a glace at the door

The stocking, it’s filled!!

Presents galore!

It’s 5 in the morning

the tree all aglow

and a glace out the window

reveals fresh fallen snow

The presents stand waiting

regal in Christmas lights

waiting to be ripped open

with feverish delight

Nostalgic Christmas

go back every year

whether 8 or 80

Revisit lost magic

At this special time of year.


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  1. Wow – Beautiful! I love the idea of writing a letter to Santa, thank you! And LOVE the Poem!


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