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Desperately Seeking Travel.


I’m inundated with work. There is about 80 feet of snow on the ground. The excitement/stress/chaos of the holidays is just about behind me. The landscape of the calendar stretching out before me looks bleak and unrelenting. I need something to cure my winter blues. I need travel. I need to feel the thrill of getting on a plane and soaring away to someplace outside of reality, outside of the comfort zone. I need arrival and departure times. I need a suitcase plump with goodies from foreign lands (or hell, even known lands would do right about now). I need the obsession of constantly checking if I have my passport. I want to feel the need for two memory sticks for my digital camera because it’s going to be that amazing. I want to fall asleep in the sun and wake up with a sunburned nose.  I want smiles from people who don’t know me and random advice from strangers. I want new food and a different sky. I want to find familiarity in the foreign.  I want to put on my “out of office” auto reply and have my friends and family saying “When is she coming back again?” 

It has been four months since I have ventured, and it’s killing me softly. I need to roam and wander, especially in the mind. I need to be set free and rejuvenated, but sadly, I can’t.  There’s school and work and a diminished bank account due to Christmas presents, parties and food. The reality is that I must face January head on, from a cubicle, from behind a desk, peering out of a textbook, with nowhere to go except home.  ((Heavy Sigh))

My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long– Buffalo Bill


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  1. I’m excited to see where you will go next!

  2. Lisa, I just got back from one and your writing prompts that longing in me! Ha ha.. So much is never an enough measure for any vacation!!!
    Well, back to reality, BUT, here is hoping that you get to plan some fun trips, clutch that passport and roam around a few places this new year!!
    Happy New Year!!!!


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