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Winter “Interim” Classes Aren’t For the Faint of Heart… or Brain.

It’s January, and that means a break from hell, er, I mean school, right? Wrong! Not in this girl’s life, not this year! Foolishly, I decided that taking a winter session class (approximately 3 weeks) would be a good idea. Did I mention the class I decided on was a little no brainer called Elements of Ecology?  I shall pause now while you roll on the floor with laughter.

Done? Good, although I’m not mad at you for mocking me. I’m a fool, I tell you, a fool!! Elements of Ecology? What the hell is ecology?? I probably should’ve looked it up beforehand, but that would have just scared me away and taken all the fun out of my winter “break.”

Well, friends, I discovered that ecology is all about plants, animals, photosynthesis and lots of letters representing chemicals or something. It’s not interesting. It’s boring and dense and hard. Did I mention that we have 8 exams in a two week period, 4 days a week? Did I mention the chapters are about 100 pages of tiny, scientist print? Did I mention I should be reading right now because I have a test tomorrow? Did I mention I’m still working my full time job while doing this?  Did I mention I discovered that rabbits eat their own poop for nutrients and I really hope that’s on the exam because it’s the only thing I remember?

Just yesterday, I was at a melting point, freaking out all over the place about the crazy intensity of this class, but then something happened. I reached a turning point, shall we say (or a complete mental breakdown—you decide).  I decided I’m up for the challenge!  No boring old fussy professor with a white beard who things he’s smart is going to bring me down! I will beat you, Elements of Ecology!  I’m determined!!

 How, you say?

Well, if any of you know any Scientists who I can hire to take these exams, please email me.  I’ll pay top dollar (actually, I’d probably pay in food, but its really good food, so that’s equivalent to top dollar, no?)

Kidding!! On with the chlorophyll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(Chlorophyll? More like Bore-a-phyll! Oh, Billy Madison, you have no idea how right you were…)


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  1. LOL! I really did roll on the floor laughing with this one! LOL! And good for you for taking on this challenge! You’re almost there girl! 🙂

  2. I agree with your friend on this one.. Unfortunately, I haven’t stopped rolling over yet.. 😉
    Boy, sounds pretty “dense” stuff.. Reminds me how the heck I got through college in the first place.. ?! Thanks, life seems much better now!
    Good luck Lisa.. 🙂


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