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Spring Preview.

One day you wake up and the earth feels different. You feel an urge to get outside, gather the early morning hours for your very own. The harsh wind has changed into a lazy, smooth breeze. You can smell the scent of earth ever so slightly on the tip of your nose as you step into the yawing morning, blue grey tinted with orange sun. The ground gives slightly under your feet; a resurgence of mud, celebrating its freedom from the freeze.

The sun shines mildly, shyly, as if testing the reaction of the world. People are smiling. They have abandoned their wool coats and heavy socks with joy, even if only for today. They ignore the fact that it is still February and Mother Nature is playing a joke, giving a short preview of the coming attractions.Β  The sky is soft, resting from the harshness, resting from the snow, sleet, rain. It smiles cautiously, as if playfully warn us, don’t get too attached; tomorrow I will be gone and you will be left longing.


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  1. Oh I love the way you write. I wish I could write like you! This was exactly today! πŸ™‚

  2. A perfect description of my warm, sunny and dry day yesterday. It filled my heart to such capacity that I even washed winter’s war from some of my windows.


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