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Today, I am Grateful for the Routine.

Often times, we lament and grumble about the staleness of routine, the boredom of everyday activities. I find myself doing this a lot; I can’t help it. I am always looking for adventure, I am always longing to be somewhere else, and my head is constantly in the clouds.  

Waking up this past Friday and seeing the devastation that has hit Japan was like a slap to my ever wandering brain.  It made me stop, think, be grateful for the routine. I am glad I can wake up at the same time and when I hit the light switch, my room is magically lit in the glow of innovation. I am grateful to look outside and not see my world as I knew it floating away in a show of tremendous strength by the ocean. I am glad to just see cars, traffic, and the cloudy sky. I am grateful I can open my fridge, powered by electricity, and drink cool, fresh, clean and crisp water. I don’t have to conserve it, or stop myself because it is the last drop; no, in my routine, I am grateful to have an endless supply. I am also keenly aware that this can change at any time; however; and I stop for a minute, to enjoy how fortunate I have to have something so simple as an endless supply of clean water.

As I went about the weekend, there were things that (naturally) annoyed me. But when I found myself drifting into that complaining, bad, place, I thought about all the people who lost their houses, their loved ones, their sense of “normalcy.” I shrugged off my small problems. So there’s a line at the grocery store—so what?? At least I still have a grocery store to go to.


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  1. You are so right. I had tears reading this. You’re so right.

  2. Lisa, point noted!! Genuinely engaging and powerful.. I wish, everyone in the world took a moment to contemplate how “lucky” they were compared to others.. And for the situation in Japan, Mother Nature strives to prove it is the most powerful yet again.. with heartbreaking consequences this time..
    I am trying to establish a routine myself of reading and writing posts.. And it is interesting in the process my Tuesday reading routine coincided with your post about “routines” .. 🙂
    Here is toasting to our seemingly boring lives which is still thankfully predictable, except for the occasional toy that I found blocking my air vent this morning!

  3. Good for you, Lisa. If my area had experienced a catastrophe, I could hardly bear to think that the rest of the world could simply go on with life without any blip on their life’s radar.


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