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Sunday Mornings.

What is it about Sunday mornings that makes them so different than the rest of the standard week? They have a certain feel, a certain silence, a certain laziness about them. The silence of Sunday morning is so elegant, a quiet beauty. It beckons you to stay in bed, stay dreaming, stay in the moment. It doesn’t want you to move, to get chaotic, and to think about what lies ahead. In other words, it begs you not to be human. Instead of joining the rush of the day, stay put.  Curl under a blanket, keep the TV off, hear the silence, read a book, think, talk about life over coffee…

Sunday mornings want you to relax, enjoy the silence—even if that silence only temporarily resides in your head. Maybe that’s the real secret of Sundays—the silence is in your head and you have to try and translate that to the rest of the world. The world certainly doesn’t stop for Sunday, no… but a person can.


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  1. oh I love this … I wish it were Sunday morning right now!

  2. H E A V E N !!! I love that freedom.

  3. Lisa, simple post, much like a quiet Sunday morning! Hope you had a great Easter weekend!


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