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Welcome, Spring.

The world seems drenched in an endless glow of pink.

Flowers pop up along every path; skeleton trees seem to smile at their newborn leaf hands.

The buzz word “rebirth” fills the air.

Staring at mobs of pink, I ponder “rebirth.”

Renewal. Resurrection.  A stream of words… but what do they mean?

A new chance. A break from the routine. New eyes on old visions. New visions.

A second, third, fourth chance from the universe.


Be determined. Change. Continue. Look up if you used to look down.

Take a chance, a risk.

If it doesn’t work– smile, laugh.

Every spring is another “rebirth.”

All photography by me.  🙂


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  1. You are a Beautiful writer! I love this!

  2. Hey great! Looks like I caught you on a great day. Your Spring looks a lot like mine. Hmmmm…. we may be neighbors! 😀


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