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About Me:

I’m a writer stuck in an office worker’s body. It’s a damn shame, but a total bonus for my friends at work who get entertained by my emails all day. (I mean, nothing! I work all day. Really hard)

I’m a poet at heart… yes; I love the only type of writing that is both unpopular and unpaid. Score!

I’m addicted to traveling. When I have nothing in the works, I start to shake and twitch. SO unpleasant.

Someday I will live in another country, promise.

My favorite food is cheese.

I love accents.

I love history and things that are old.

I love gothic style writing, a bit of a forgotten art.

I read books 2 or 3 at a time.

I wear lots and lots of black.

I have 2 personalities, which should make for amusing reading, but really not an amusing friendship if you happen to catch me on the wrong days.

I don’t care for “society’s standards”

I loathe the “Real Housewives” of anywhere. Go away please.

My goal is life is to spend a year traveling. (Don’t bother me with pesky details like “how are you gonna pay for that??” I’m creative, ok!)

I’m a dog person.

I think deeply about everything, which at times is annoying.

I don’t like rules.

I’m a great listener and observer of people.

My dream trip is… anywhere, anytime.  Currently obsessed with the English countryside and Paris.

I would make a fantastic detective.

What?? You thought I was going to tell you where I live and where I grew up and what I hope to be in life?? BORING!


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  1. I was managing my subscriptions and figured that you added a Gravatar! Nice to know who is behind the writing 😉

  2. Love love love your blog! The obligatory Thanksgiving post… so true lol!
    Keep at it!

  3. Great to read about you amiga 🙂 I wish we could see more content!!!! Keep it coming.
    Cheers from mexico


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